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Decorating Office Cubicles for Christmas

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Cubicles are common in most offices today. Since we spend nearly half of our day in our respective cubicles, it is very important to have cubicles that are attractive enough to sustain our interest. Christmas decorations are an inseparable part of the Christmas holidays, without which Christmas would lose all its color, its spirit, its warmth and its charm.

Here are some tips for decorating your offices cubicles for Christmas.

Hang a light garland

A single beam of light can make your office cubicle look more festive. Attach the lights to the dividers so that those around you can enjoy it too. Whether you choose colorful or white lights, you’ll add a little spice to the office environment.

Use holiday mugs

Mugs are needed to drink either coffee, tea, or water in the office. With this you can bring a few cups of party during the holidays. No matter what you drink, you will certainly be happier if you drink it in a holiday-themed cup.

Use holiday wallpaper

You can change your office cubicle wallpaper by yourself because it is one of the easiest way to decorate your office for Christmas. Find a festive, animated photo for the desktop wallpaper of your computer. The wallpaper could be anything as far as it depicts holiday mood.

Light festive candles

Note that candles can be a great way to create a Christmas mood. It is also an easy way to add a festive touch to your office cubicle during the holidays, you can come along with scented candles for the holidays. Evergreen leaves, sugar cookies and hot cider are examples of winter scent this can also give the office a wonderful smell and help create a warm holiday atmosphere.

Embellish with small ornaments

Since you work in a cubicle, you probably do not have much space but that does not mean that you cannot decorate. Remember to bring a small Christmas tree or a menorah to your desk. Hang some ornaments or a small crown on the bed bugs of your box. Use a small snowball as a clipboard. Being creative with decorations in your office cubicle can go a long way and it would help capture the essence of the holidays.

Set out a candy bowl

The bowl does not take up much space and gives your desk extra recognition. In addition, sharing treats with your fellow colleagues at work will brighten your day. With this simple gesture you can easily spread the joy of the holidays in your office and also brighten up your office a little.

Unwind a holiday carpet

You may feel that your stand has limited space for decorating. But do not forget the stand space. Remember to bring a little holiday rug, it can be a party rug or a welcome mat gives your work-space a creative holiday mood, without occupying a valuable work-space.

Cover your cubicle walls with festive wrapping Paper

This may take a bit of effort, because a closet pack as wrapping a gift box is not that easy, but with tape, thumbtacks and a little determination, you can put a lot of seasoning on vacation. Cover interior walls – and exterior walls with festive wrapping paper if you feel festive and your neighbors do not mind. Covering your cubicle walls with s festive wrapping paper is known to be cost-effective and it can also be easily removed after Christmas.

Hang a garland

Hanging a garland brings a minimal touch to your office cubicles because some consider hanging up lights or wrapping paper in your cubicle can be too much. These are inexpensive options for office holiday decorations that are easy to install and remove.

Display holiday cards

Many people receive Christmas cards from customers or sellers in the workplace. Collect these cards upon arrival and show them in your box. Note that with a little creativity, you can add a Christmas theme holiday to your office cubicle. Also make sure to get permission from your boss or supervisor before decorating and also do not do decorations that would hinder or interfere with the people around you. If everything is alright, pick some of these simple and inexpensive ideas and start with the decoration.

Note: Decorating your office cubicles for Christmas does not restrict your choice of color you can use any colors apart from the popular Christmas color which is red and green when decorating your office cubicle for Christmas. Sometimes it’s easier to pick a color palette and stick to it. A quick and easy way to add a touch of holiday color to your office is to decorate the walls of your box with a colorful garland. Also note that paper flakes is one of the most unique ways to turn your office into a winter wonderland


Because you want to decorate your office cubicle for Christmas, does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for supplies and decorations. You would be surprised that most Christmas decorations you can get from your office without spending a dime. It’s amazing what you can do with paper cups and garlands, also old paper towel tubes can be turned into candy canes by wrapping them in red and white ribbons. You can also turn your cabin into a log cabin if you have access to larger cardboard tubes at work. The main aim is to be creative and spend little when trying to decorate your office cubicle.