Standing Desk Review: Varidesk Pro Plus vs Loctek LXR36

Height Adjustable Desk Comparison: Varidesk Pro Plus 36 vs. Loctek LXR36

This review will cover:Burn More Calories using a Loctek LXR36 or Varidesk Pro Plus

  1. Varidesk and Loctek Overview
    1. Varidesk Pro Plus 36
    2. Loctek LXR36
  2. Varidesk Pro Plus and Loctek LXR36 Comparison
  3. Ergonomics and Adjustability of Varidesk and Loctek
  4. Varidesk Size and Stability
  5. Loctek Size and Stability
  6. Should I buy a Varidesk or Loctek
    1. Recommendations for buying a Varidesk
    2. Recommendations for buying a Loctek
  7. Conclusion: Varidesk Pro Plus 36 vs Loctek LXR36

Varidesk and Loctek Height Adjustable Desk Overview

When comparing the Varidesk Pro Plus 36-inch desktop riser to the Loctek LXR36 height adjustable desk you’ll notice many similarities. Both standing desks are offered in a 36-inch size, which is the best-selling model for both Varidesk and Loctek. Both have a similar size footprint and profile when collapsed or extended. Loctek offers a couple of features that the Varidesk does not, at first glance both the Varidesk and Loctek standing desk appear to be well made and ergonomically friendly.

Varidesk Pro Plus 36-inch Specs                                            

Price: $395                                                                 Varidesk vs Loctek - Lift Style

  • Varidesk Surface Size: 36×24 Inches
  • Varidesk Footprint Size: 36×26.75 Inches
  • Varidesk Color Options: Black
  • Varidesk Keyboard Tray: Yes
  • Varidesk Lift Mechanism: Spring Assist
  • Varidesk Lift Weight: 35 LBS
  • Varidesk Height Levels: 11 
  • Varidesk Lift Style: Outwards
  • Varidesk Weight: 40 LBS
  • Varidesk Warranty: 5 Years (Limited)

Loctek LXR36 (36-inch) Specs

Price: $347

  • Loctek Surface Size: 36×22 Inches
  • Loctek Footprint Size: 36 Inches
  • Loctek Color Options: Mahogany, Black & White
  • Loctek Keyboard Tray: Yes
  • Loctek Lift Mechanism: Gas Spring Assist
  • Loctek Lift Weight: 40 LBS
  • Loctek Height Levels: 5.9-19.7 Inches
  • Loctek Lift Style: Straight Up & Down
  • Loctek Weight: 36 LBS
  • Loctek Warranty: 6 Years

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Question: Is the Varidesk the best desktop riser? 

Varidesk has created quite the hype in recent years and rightfully so, they make good ergonomic products. But our question was “Is the Varidesk the best height adjustable desk?”, we wanted to know if there was an option out there that was better than the Varidesk. With that said, we went on a hunt to find the best Varidesk alternative – and we found it.

The Loctek LXR36 which is comparable to the Varidesk Pro Plus 36 – their best-selling model – has all the pros of the Varidesk desktop riser and more

Ergonomics & Adjustability of the Varidesk Pro Plus 36-inch

Varidesk Pro Plus 36-inch is a spring assisted manual height adjusting desktop riser with 11 preset height settings, which is more than enough to cater to the majority. The two-tier design is popular as it allows for the user to place a keyboard on the lower surface – this allows for optimal ergonomics while standing and sitting at the Varidesk. Another key feature on the Varidesk is the additional room to the left and to the right on the lower surface, this gives a sufficient amount of room for a mouse. Included with the purchase of all Varidesks is a branded coaster and cable management ties to keep your work Loctek LXR36 Sit-Stand Desk Reviewarea looking neat.

One of the downsides of the Varidesk is the lift style, instead of going straight up and down the Varidesk extends outwards slightly which for smaller work areas could cause issues, as it forces the user to take a step or two back from their desk.

Ergonomics & Adjustability of the Loctek LXR36 (36-inch)

Loctek uses gas springs to assist in the raising of the desktop riser, which we find much smoother and user-friendly when compared to the Varidesk. The Loctek LXR36 also uses a two-tier design, which we prefer, as it has a removable lower surface that comes in handy when the desk is in the sitting position. The surface size on both the upper and lower tiers works perfectly with 2 monitors and a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, you can use the lower tier with a laptop and have easy viewing of all 3 monitors. One of the best features on the Loctek standing desk is the built-in USB port on the desks upper surface, this helps keep your workstation neat when charging cell phones, etc.

Overall the Loctek Hi-Lo desk seems to offer more bang for your buck when it comes to ergonomics, adjustability, and user-friendliness. However, the Varidesk is certainly a strong contender and may be more suitable for people who prefer the outward lift style versus the straight up and down style.

Varidesk Sit-Stand Size and Stability Overview

Varidesk Pro Plus 36 has a fairly large footprint, which is great for stability. Even when fully extended the Varidesk remains completely stable with a full 40lbs on the surface. The 36-inch size Varidesk feels like the ideal size for all day work comfort, never does it feel too cramped or cluttered. One area of concern is the possibility of someone running into the Varidesk when it is fully extended because it protrudes from the surface it is resting on.

Loctek Sit-Stand Size and Stability Overview

Loctek LXR36 (36-inch) Sit-Stand Riser is even more stable than the Varidesk because of the straight up and down lift style. Because of the gas cylinder assist, the raising and lowering of the Loctek LXR36 (36-inch) seems smoother and overall more user-friendly. A moderately larger upper surface leaves room for additional work area – easily enough room for a notepad, etc. Like the Varidesk, the Loctek also uses a dual lever system on each side of the upper surface to raise and lower, however, the Varidesk requires you to push down slightly before squeezing the height adjustment levers and the Loctek does not.

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Should I Buy a Loctek LXR36 or a Varidesk Pro Plus 36-inch

When it comes time to make a decision on whether to purchase a Varidesk or a Loctek Sit-Stand our overall recommendation would be a Loctek LXR36. When comparing the features of both desks the Loctek out-does the Varidesk in a couple of areas; price, stability, user-friendliness and overall quality.

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Conclusion: Varidesk vs Loctek

At the end of the day, everyone wants the best bang for their buck and that bang is the Loctek LXR36 desktop riser. Coming in at a $347 price point with a 6-year warranty and all the additional features, such as the built-in USB ports, the Loctek is truly an excellent addition to your office.

Varidesk is a strong contender and I’m sure we will continue to see innovation and additional features rolling out from Varidesk in the future.