Why You Should Use a Standing Desk

For those who are used to working in office settings that feature cubicles with assigned seats, the standing desk is quirky, to say the least. However, many office workers swear by them. As it turns out, adopting a standing desk is more than just a passing fancy. They actually have a number of benefits.

Reduce Back Pain

We are creatures of habit. In terms of our posture, we favor a few sitting positions, some of which can put a major strain on your spine, resulting in intense pain. Standing while you work prevents slouching and other posture no-nos. Still need some convincing? Then, consider this: Charles Dickens, Winston Churchill and Thomas Jefferson all stood while they worked, according to reports.

You Burn More Calories

Even if you are stuck at your desk all day, you can still burn calories if you’re smart about it. Whenever you work at a desk, you should always move around to get blood flowing to your body. Do squats in the bathroom. Walk up and down the stairs on your break. Take a walk at lunch. However, you should also know that some of the standing desks models include a treadmill or bike instead of a seat. These offer you more options for movement during the day. That being said, do be careful about adding these features to your desk if you’re not used to physical activity. Injuries can come from a variety of situations—even relatively innocuous ones—and can come with painful symptoms, like pain, bruising, and swelling.

Life Expectancy

Most people are mindful of their health because they want to live longer and be healthy in their golden years. However, sitting constantly can have adverse effects on your health. Getting a standing desk at work is one simple way to ensure that you’re not sitting as much during your workday and may even add years to your life.

Standing desks have many benefits for your health. They improve your posture, allow the blood to flow better to your lower extremities and may even help to extend your life. However, they do take some getting used to. If you do adopt a standing desk at work, make sure you do it gradually. Start with 15 to 20-minute standing sessions maybe once an hour and work your way up to more.

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