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Choose the Perfect Conference Table

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Choosing the Right Conference Table for Your Office

So, it’s time to choose a conference table for your office? Let’s run through some of the steps you don’t want to overlook when it comes to picking the perfect conference table

Measure not once, not twice, but three times!

Choose a conference table that is too big, and you’ll leave yourself with no space for chairs or the ability to maneuver throughout the room easily. Choose one that is too small, and you’ll be left scratching your head the next time more people than anticipated show up to a meeting. For in-depth details on measuring and conference table sizes check out our “Choosing the Right Size Conference Table” post!

  • Place any additional furniture in the room before making your measurements, bookshelves, credenzas, a lectern (or just dead space for presentations) are all things to consider before choosing the final conference table size.
  • Make sure you will have no issue matching the finish and/or color of your conference table should you choose to purchase additional furnishings for the room down the road.
  • Pay close attention to the height of the conference table you’re choosing, especially if you have existing conference chairs you will be using, not all chairs will fit underneath the table properly. Watch for rubbing on the armrests when sliding chairs in or out (don’t be afraid to bring your chair with when looking at conference tables, it could save you a headache down the road!)

Tip: Use masking tape on the floor to outline the size of the desk you believe is right for you, ensure adequate walk space and space for your office chairs to be moved in and out from the “table”. This is also helpful when setting up a home office!

Perception Is Key – Set the Style of Your Office

Maintaining a consistent image throughout your business is important. Remember, a conference table is typically the focal point of any conference room. Take note of everybody who will see and use the conference space, choosing the right conference table will have an impact on how they perceive you and your business. Aim to impress with not only the aesthetics of your conference table but also with the flow and match of the surrounding furnishings, décor, and overall layout. Ask for opinions of colleges, friends, family, etc., creating a dynamic work environment is best done with those who will be utilizing it daily.

Hint: Don’t overlook comfort! Check out our guide to choosing the perfect Office Chair!

Modern Conference Tables | Office Furniture Warehouse

Rectangular Conference Table with a Modern, Minimalist Feel

Form – Best Shape Conference Table for Your Office

When it comes to conference tables, your options are nearly endless. Determine what the conference space will be primarily used for… will it be strictly an in-house collaborative space? Or will you be hosting bigwig investors from all over the world? Or something in between? You’ll then be able to better narrow down your choice to one of the following:« The Classic – “Rectangle Conference Tables”

While perfectly universal in any conference room, they do tend to establish a more formal feel. Easily establish a hierarchy by placing someone at the head of a rectangular conference table. They’re often associated with setting an orderly, disciplined and rational thinking atmosphere. Studies show, that in combination with a small room, rectangular tables instill employees with a sense of security and peacefulness, which in turn promotes productivity. Square conference tables also fall within this category and can be great for smaller meeting areas within your office.« Something More Unique – “Round Conference Tables”

If the primary objective of the table will be for collaboration amongst co-workers, you may want to explore the possibility of choosing a round conference table. To get the most out of a collaborative discussion, you want everyone at the table to feel just as included as the person next to them, and that’s exactly what the round-table does best. When stimulating minds, energizing conversations, and driving focus are key points to your meeting room, the round-table may just be the winner.« Need something in the middle? – “Boat Style Conference Tables”

If you want to combine the best of both worlds, a Boat Style conference table may be exactly what you’re looking for. Boat style tables will allow you to easily establish someone as the “head of the table”, while also adhering to many of the collaborative benefits of round conference tables.

Boat Shape Conference Table | Office Furniture Warehouse

Boat-Shaped Conference Tables allow for collaboration amongst peer’s while also easily directing attention to a hierarchy


Conference tables are no exception when it comes to the evolution of the workplace. Make sure to consider any needs such as power supply ports, height adjustments, or even foldability when looking at your new conference table. Many times, add-on features such as power ports can be built into any table, don’t hesitate to contact an OFW expert if you have any questions.

Best Conference Table Brands

If this is your first venture into the world of office furniture, it may come across as daunting when you realize the vast differences from one brand to the next – let us help simplify it for you with the top 3 conference table brands!Express Office Furniture

Express Office Furniture | Office Furniture Warehouse
  • Commercial grade office furniture
  • Tables are available in a variety of finishes and colors
  • Offers rectangular, round and racetrack shaped tables


Compel Office Furniture | Office Furniture Warehouse
  • High quality, hand selected table veneers
  • Greener manufacturing process and materials
  • Offers boat, round, and racetrack shaped tables

it – Office Furniture Distributors                     

it Office Furniture | Office Furniture Warehouse
  • Affordable conference table options
  • Available in both modern and contemporary table designs
  • Offers rectangular, racetrack, and round shaped tables


Questions or Comments?

If you or someone you know needs more in-depth information about conference tables or any office furniture related topics, please feel free to reach out to one of our many trained experts today!