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Choosing the right size conference table

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Calculating the perfect size for a conference table is as easy as 1, 2, 3 at Office Furniture Warehouse:

Best conference table dimensions calculator Milwaukee

Boat-shaped conference tables are easy on the eyes during and between meetings.

  1. Measure the room where you plan to put the table
  2. Decide how many people need to sit at the table
  3. Use the table below to find the closest match

The dimensions below are based on a rectangular or boat-shaped conference table. If you need help with a different shape or just don’t feel like doing math, give us a call!

# of PeopleMinimum Table Size Minimum Room Size
436″ x 60″ (3′ x 5′)10′ x 12′
636″ x 72″ (3′ x 6′)10′ x 13′
848″ x 96″ (4′ x 8′)11′ x 17′ 
1048″ x 144″ (4′ x 12′)11′ x 19′
1248″ x 168″ (4′ x 14′)11′ x 21′
1454″ x 192″ (4.5′ x 16′)11.5′ x 23′

Conference Table Sizing FAQs:

What’s the standard height of a conference table?

The standard height for conference tables is 30” with a tabletop thickness of 1.25”. If you need a conference table with a specified height, please contact us for assistance.

How wide is a conference table?

Most conference tables are between 36” and 48” wide. Some manufacturers offer each style of meeting room table with multiple lengths, widths and/or finishes.

How much space does each person get?

At a minimum, 30” for each person sitting at the conference table is as close as you should go for a business meeting.

In general, 36” per person is comfortable, perfectly suitable for a board meeting, and a good rule of thumb for round tables too.

A more generous spacing of 42” per person works well when there are a lot of documents and laptops on the table.

When you want to impress, 48” per person will make your guests and other VIPs feel like they’re in first class.

Which shape of conference table holds the most people?

Rectangular, boat-shaped and square conference tables offer the most seating per square inch. Racetrack and round tables offer the least seating.

Does a boat-shaped conference table fit more people than a rectangular one?

Not really. Unless you’re talking about a very strong curve, boat-shaped tables have practically the same perimeter as a similarly-sized rectangular table. The benefits of a boat-shaped table are a more elegant look and more comfortable lines of sight when seated.

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