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How to Make Your Office a Safer Place to Work

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As more people return to office settings, everyone is looking for ways to make the office a better, safer place to be. Safety protocols can help make employees feel more comfortable and secure in the workplace. There are a number of things you can do to make your office a safer place to be.

Have an Emergency Exit Plan in Place

One important step you can take to create a healthier workplace is to create an emergency exit plan. Your office should have clearly marked exits with signs that help people find their way out of the building. In addition, all new employee training should include showing where the emergency exits are in your office. In the event of different types of emergencies, your employees should know whether there is a meeting spot outside of the building you are going to gather at to count heads, or whether sheltering in place is the recommendation. Having plans for emergencies keeps everyone safer.

Clean Your Office

In addition, cleaning your office can make it safer. A dirty office is filled with dirt, grime, and bacteria, all of which can cause trouble for employees. Dirty floors are bad for employees’ health because of all the dust and allergens they can collect. Office surfaces, door handles, and other high-touch areas should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to help prevent the spread of disease. Air filters should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure cleaner air. Cleaning your office will also mean that trash and debris are removed regularly and that hallways are kept clear of tripping hazards.

Utilize an Open Floor Plan

Open office floor plans can also make your office safer. The first reason for this is that it makes exiting the building faster. If there are too many rooms and hallways to navigate to reach an exit stair or door, it will be harder for people to get out of the building in a timely fashion. Open floor plans also promote the circulation of air, which can help dust and viruses move through and out of the building, rather than staying put in small, confined spaces. 

Safety is at the top of everyone’s mind right now, which makes it a great time to redo your office safety policies and procedures. Consider surveying your employees to find out whether there are any safety policies they would like to see implemented. A safer workplace is a happier, more productive workplace.

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