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How Can I Make My Office Feel More Welcoming?

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You know what they say: You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their property. While your office might not be wholly yours, this space should be as professional and welcoming to new customers as possible. If you can make the customers feel more welcome, you are more likely to retain their business in the long run.

Choose a Color Scheme

Every good design starts with the most basic element—color. What you decide to paint your office will impact the way your clients feel as they step into your office. Are you trying to show off your fun side as a professional photographer or graphic designer? Be freer with your colors and show off your work. Want a more professional appearance? Stick to the blacks, whites, and grays.

Any color scheme can be approachable and welcoming. While colors technically invite warmth, a plain color scheme can appear non-threatening and even valued if you are a lawyer or therapist. Your occupation should be considered when designing your space.

Consider the Design

After you’ve fixated on a color, you can start adding more features and furniture to bring comfort to your guests. Creating a relaxing feel may take a little creativity, but it can pay off big time. For example, adding homelike touches such as a fireplace, comfy couches, and other amenities in the lobby can be very relaxing and calming.

If that feels a little too casual for the work that you do, you may instead prefer to play light ambient music to keep the silence away. Silence can be a bit intimidating to new customers.

Keep it Clean

Few things detract from a guest’s experience more than a filthy, cluttered office. While you may think it’s fine because it’s how you work, a messy office can be a huge red flag to potential customers. Most clients want to be sure that the work they ask for gets done effectively, and if you can’t even keep a desk organized, why would they trust you with their business?

Spend some time every day on organization practices. Invest in filing cabinets, or keep your computer desktop clear of junk. A bit of time every week dedicated to cleaning up can save you a lot of headaches on harder projects.

After you have spent this time organizing everything, you will be able to help your customers feel more comfortable in your office. As you strive to treat the customer like royalty, you will get more royalties.

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