Official Concept Seating Dealer

Office Furniture Warehouse is an official Concept Seating dealer!

We are proud to announce, that OFW is now a Concept Seating dealer. Concept Seating specializes in heavy duty, commercial grade chairs engineered from the ground up to last in even the highest paced work environments. What’s even better, is they’re manufactured here in the USA – in Brookfield, WI.

Concept Seating’s Series of chairs are a great fit for:

  • 911 Dispatch Centers
  • Casinos
  • Prisons
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Hospitals / ER’s

Heavy Duty Task Chairs

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The lineup of chairs that Concept Seating manufacturers, offers an impressive set of specs! The chairs ability to hold 550 lbs and rated for 24/7 use makes it easy to see that they are in the business of heavy-duty. One of the major features that appeal to the users of Concept Seating’s products is their ability to easily and comfortably accommodate those who wear duty belts such as police, sheriffs, correctional officers, etc. Concept Seating backs their chairs with a top-notch warranty that is rivaled by few if any. 

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Concept Seating Specs | Office Furniture Warehouse

Concept Seating offers several other styles to fit just about anyone’s needs 

Why you might need 24-hour seating chairs

Basically, any business or facility that requires seating options 24/7 would benefit from using Concept Seatings products. 24/7 workplaces that opt to purchase lesser quality chairs for their employees often see them fall apart within a years time – which costs considerably more in the long run. 

Advantages of using Concept Seatings 24/7 chairs

When you’re looking for a chair that is comfortable yet extremely durable, there are no comparisons to Concept Seating

  • Built for constant, everyday, all day use
  • Designed for prolonged seating
  • Capable of handling heavy weight
  • Resilience to stand up to even the most demanding workplaces
  • Comfort that will allow employees to focus 

Choosing the best 24/7 chair

If you’ve been left in charge of finding the perfect chairs for your 24/7 business – you may become overwhelmed when finding all the options that are available in today’s office furniture market. Some of the things you should consider when narrowing your options are:

  • Steel Construction – The key to a durable, long lasting chair is having a steel frame. Avoid chairs that use plastic for load bearing features, which is common in lower end chairs. 
  • Weight Capacity – Finding a chair with a high weight capacity will assure you that it will fit the needs of any employee who may use it for years to come. 
  • Warranty – Companies that take pride in the quality of their products are never afraid to back it by a great warranty – compare warranties/guarantees between your options. 
  • Adjustability – No two people are exactly alike, everyone has their preference on what’s comfortable to them. It’s important to make sure your chosen chair will accommodate anyone comfortably. 

Customize Your 24/7 Chair

Concept Seating offers a wide array of customization options allowing you to dial in on your exact needs for any application. Some of the options that they offer include:

  • 2 armrest options – Concept Seating give you the option to choose between their C-Loop (standard), or their Swing Arm style. 
  • Footring Base – You’ll have the option of adding a partial foot-ring base which accommodates both taller or shorter people by simple rotating the base 180°. 
  • Fabric/Material Options – You can choose from Staccato Fabric, leather, or leather alternative. All of which are GSA approved. 
  • Embroidery – Want something that shows your brand? Concept Seating offers custom embroidery in the headrests of most of their chairs. Skip the middleman and have it all done at the same time. 
  • Glides – When casters are not needed you can opt to have glides installed in their place. This is a great option for those who don’t need to move their chairs often, commonly used on ships. 
  • Slip Covers – In industries prone to bacteria such as hospitals, research labs, and waste/recycling centers the optional slipcovers are a great option. Machine washable, breathable athletic fabric that is fitted perfectly to the chair.

24/7 Chairs by Concept Seating Available at all OFW locations!