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How to Make Sure Employees Stay Productive While Working Remotely

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Productivity has been a big word in the industry for decades, now. You want to be able to get the most done, the most efficiently, with the least amount of extra work. Then the pandemic began, and everybody needed to work remotely instead. Suddenly, all of the rules seemed to have changed, and your connectivity to individual employees is disrupted completely. How can you make sure your employees are as productive as possible during such a complicated time?

Help Them Set Goals

One of the most frustrating things about working during a pandemic is that your workers have intense stress related to family, friends, and being sheltered in place. According to Stacey Barr, you must make sure that your goals for them are specific, written down, and measurable. It will help alleviate stress for both you and your employees if they have concrete goals and are capable of attaining them. Remember, if there is not a time frame attached to a goal, it is only a wish.

Make Them Accountable

You want your workers to be accountable for their actions, and for the time which they use. However, while rigidly tracking your workers, whether in office or virtually, might be legal, there are important moral and ethical issues involved. According to Latest Solutions, tracking employees must be done with complete transparency or you will risk losing their trust. If you no longer have the trust of your workers, not only will your productivity fail, but your business.

Recognize the Change

Established entrepreneurs might have known exactly how to create productivity in their offices before March 2020…or so they thought. Everything has changed, not only for your workers but for your necessary practices. Recognize that this change can be both frustrating, but also healing. If you allow this evolution, while also working to support your workers, you will be able to not only recover during the pandemic but flourish beyond it.

Productivity in a pandemic is tenuous. Virtual educating of children and ongoing viral anxiety are also blocking concentration for many employees, who find themselves caught between the project load of work and the truancy offices. If you continue to help your employees set realistic, specific goals and recognize that all of America is under additional strain at this time, your business can be not only one they trust but are loyal to building with you.
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