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How to Keep Your Office Neat and Tidy

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The cleanliness of your office is very important. Being neat and tidy in the office helps promote efficiency and good morale for every employee. It helps to keep the office running smoothly. To keep the office neat and tidy you can make employees clean up after themselves, hire a janitor, and have a scheduled cleaning day.

Make Employees Clean Up After Themselves

To have employees clean up after themselves, they need to know what is expected of them. Have a clearly defined standard of cleanliness, both in shared spaces and individual offices/desks. To define this standard, you can have written signs or memos that let all the employees know. You need to stand firm in your standard and offer incentives for cleanliness. If needed, you can also make cleanliness part of the job requirement and make it part of your employees’ job performance.

Hire a Janitor

Hiring a janitor can help keep the office neat and tidy. A janitor takes care of the big jobs that daily tidying can’t necessarily do; your employees come to the office to work, not deep clean. However, spaces gather dust, dirt, and grime just from daily use and need to be cleaned. For example, dirty floors can collect dust and allergens and harm your employees’ health. A janitor can be hired to clean daily or weekly to ensure that spaces are kept clean and free from health risks.

Scheduled Cleaning Day

Day to day cleanliness is important, but throughout the year clutter and dirt can build up despite everyone’s best efforts. Spring and fall cleaning days are a great strategy to utilize at the office. Scheduling one or two days of the year to focus on cleaning tasks can not only give your office a nice new shine, but it also motivates employees to keep things generally cleaner throughout the year. Schedule a portion of the day for employees to participate and resume normal work afterward. With all employees participating a cleaning day doesn’t need to take a long time.

Keeping the office neat and tidy is important for the health, morale, and productivity of your employees. Ultimately your employees doing their best work benefits the entire company. So, get them on board with keeping the office clean and you will have a more profitable business.

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