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How to Give Your Office Space a Makeover

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As one of the customer-facing aspects of your business, your office space is important to how your company will be perceived. It’s important to make sure your office looks amazing in order to make sure you make the best impression. And you might find that you need to rearrange things to be in compliance with local healthcare guidelines anyway. So how do you give your office a makeover?

Replace the Furniture

One of the easiest things you can do to change things up in an office is to change up the furniture. Especially if employees were previously close together, you may need to change up your floor plan to accommodate social distancing. This might mean getting new desks and office chairs. If you want to portray your business as one that values employee fitness, you might consider switching to standing desks. Sitting is actually bad for your health, so encouraging employees to spend less time sitting and more time standing can be highly beneficial.

Add More Color

Changing color can have a dramatic impact on your office. If your office space is currently suffering from being dull and drab, you might find adding some color to be beneficial. You might consider painting an accent wall to liven things up a bit. You need to choose this color carefully though. You don’t want to choose a color that has a negative effect on your employees, or one that clashes terribly with your business logo. You should be actively involved in the process and ask the painters questions to be on the same page. That way you’ll be more certain that the end result will be what you wanted.

Natural Light & Outdoor Space

It’s often easy to overlook places for employees to take their breaks when overhauling your commercial property or office. Providing a dedicated breakroom with natural light or an outdoor seating area can make a huge difference for your staff. When planning an outdoor seating area it’s important to carefully consider the type of atmosphere you’re creating. Aim for a quiet area free from work-related distractions, if your space does not naturally allow for this, consider installing a privacy or semi-privacy fence.

Change the Decor

Changing up the decor is another easy way to make a big impact on your office’s atmosphere. This can also be an easy way to add color. If you’ve had the same paintings for years, consider switching them out for new ones. If you have other paintings in other rooms, you might not even need to get new ones. Just change up which paintings are in which location. If you want a less industrial look, consider adding an indoor plant or two. Or more, if you like. Adding a plant can be beneficial to your office as well as adding color and life to the space.

If it’s been a while since your last office makeover, or if you’re finding that you need to change things up thanks to the new pandemic environment, it might be time for a new makeover. Try replacing the furniture, adding more color, and changing the decor. You may find your office space feels like it has a new lease on life.

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